salesman sales‧man [ˈseɪlzmən] noun salesmen PLURALFORM [-mən] [countable] MARKETING
a man whose job is to persuade people to buy his company's products:

• an insurance salesman

ˌtravelling ˈsalesman MARKETING
someone whose job involves going from place to place, selling a company's products; = commercial traveller Bre

* * *

salesman UK US /ˈseɪlzmən/ noun [C] (plural salesmen) COMMERCE, MARKETING
a person, usually a man, whose job is to sell products in a store, or by visiting or phoning customers or possible customers: »

a car/computer salesman


a bond/equity/insurance salesman


a door-to-door/doorstep salesman


a good/persuasive/convincing salesman

Compare SALESPERSON(Cf. ↑salesperson), SALESWOMAN(Cf. ↑saleswoman)
See also SNAKE OIL SALESMAN(Cf. ↑snake oil salesman), TRAVELLING SALESMAN(Cf. ↑travelling salesman)

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